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Our services

Business and Residential Internet

RE&COM has been providing telecommunication services to regional companies for more than 10 years by means of fiber optic links and combination of wireless links.

We provide a wide coverage service, with 100% personalized attention and 24/7 support.

     With our company you get:

  • Personalized attention with technical advice.
  • Availability of high bandwidths or according to your needs.
  • Low latency levels

    We also have:

  • Integral solutions by means of optical fiber.
  • Our network is completely redundant.
  • Multiple connectivity to international suppliers.

MPLS data link

RE&COM designs and implements corporate networks using fiber optic, wireless, and hybrid fiber optic and wireless links.

Achieving a high availability service.

The network of RE&COM puts at your disposal services of:

  • MPLS

We are characterized by speed, availability and the best service.

Construction of WI-FI and Gpom networks

RE&COM provides professional advice on the design and construction of Wi-Fi and FTTH networks to ensure maximum use of the network.

In this way your company achieves optimal performance in the telecommunications services used by your company.