Wi-Fi internet, where you need it

About Us

REDCOM is a Costa Rican capital company that offers solutions of high quality and efficiency in the field of telecommunications; Provide a first line service, so your business can integrate the expectations of the national and international market.


To be a competitive company in the area of telecommunications, maintaining the quality and profitability of the market.


Continue growing in the field of communications to achieve quality service, for the satisfaction of our customers.

Wi-Fi Internet

We have different points of repeaters throughout the area where we can interconnect them to the Internet or dedicated Links Point to Point.

Point to Point Fiber and Wireless Links

We have a network of last generation throughout the Pacific and the southern area to provide dedicated links and internet, for the interconnection where required.

Sale and Installation of Telephone Exchanges


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We would love to work with you on your next project, contact us and we will gladly assist you.

REDCOM acquires a social commitment to facilitate the entry of a globalized world to where you need it, and to allow the community to access the new era of information and knowledge.

Contact Us

  • Pérez Zeledón
    San José, CR
  • (506) 8989 5225 / (506) 2771 1916